TNT Boys Embark On World Tour And Charles Barkley Reacts To Ariana Grande Surprise


The TNT Boys strike while the iron is hot, getting ready for their first international tour.

TNT Boys

Mackie, Francis, and Keifer are the astounding vocal talents behind the TNT Boys. The boys gained recognition when they appeared in a viral video of them singing in the Philipines. After major exposure on The World’s Best, the Filipino prodigies are ready to take their talent across the globe.

World Tour

In response to the overwhelming success of their sold-out concert in November, the trio will be kicking off a world tour. The inaugural concert for Listen: The World Tour, took place in Hayward, CA on April 23rd.

Mackie spoke with Philstar Global about what it means to have a chance to tour the world. “Tickets are selling fast,” said Mackie, “This is so unexpected and it’s an honor for us to be given this opportunity of holding our own concert abroad because this has been our ultimate dream and we didn’t expect this to happen this early. We are so thankful to God for this blessing.”

The TNT Boys are preparing a carefully chosen list of songs, as well as some banter in English for their foreign fans. They recently recorded their first single entitled Together We Fly, that will be part of their performances.

International Appearances

This won’t be the first time they’ve performed for foreign audiences, as they just came off a run on The World’s Best. Additionally, they’ve appeared on a number of TV programs including the Late Late Show with James Corden, and Little Bigshots (US, UK, and Australian versions).

During their appearance on The Late Late Show they even received a surprise visit from Ariana Grande. All three of the boys were ecstatic at meeting one of their favorite singers. The joyous occasion even touched the most unlikely of viewers.

During Inside the NBA on Wednesday, Charles Barkley admitted he was moved to tears watching the boys meet Ariana Grande.

“I was excited for the kids,” explained Barkley. “I don’t have a problem being emotional.” Well I think this is the most emotion we’ve seen from Chuck since he got his talent back in Space Jam.

Though the boys are working extremely hard and taking on a busy year, they still find a way to lead a normal childhood. Like most kids their age, the TNT Boys enjoy playing video games and looking at funny memes. Additionally, they’re keeping up with their studies even earning certificates for excellence in different subjects.

Always one step ahead, the TNT Boys continue to deliver amazing content on their youtube channel for fans who want more. They recently released a cover of Ariana Grande’s hit Break Free which has already gained thousands of views.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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