Chrissy Teigen Is At It Again, Posts ‘Bring the Funny’ First Episode SPOILERS


Bring The Funny premieres tonight! But ahead of the first episode, followers of Chrissy Teigen got a sneak peek of the new show. And by that we mean she spoiled it! Chrissy accidentally posted the entire first episode.

See her tweet about the show here:

Chrissy Teigen Spoils Bring The Funny Premiere

The video, which had a “Chrissy Teigen Viewing” watermark on it, has since been taken down. But leave it to Chrissy to bring us the spoilers! Now, the real question is, was this post intentional to bring more attention to the Bring The Funny premiere or an honest mistake? From Chrissy’s responses, she makes it seem like it was an accident, even joking that she was fired:

We can’t really know for sure whether that’s true or not. It did pick up a lot of buzz, which is good for the show. We’ll see how it does in the numbers tonight! But Chrissy’s huge following definitely can’t hurt. She has a history of creating a buzz too and popular Twitter and Instagram accounts constantly quote her. If there’s one cast member you’d want to have “spoil” the premiere, it would be Chrissy Teigen. That’s not to say that it was definitely on purpose, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if it was!

Chrissy Teigen’s Past Spoilers

This isn’t the first time she’s been caught up in revealing spoilers either. Just a few months ago, fans online were upset when she posted about John Legend’s team member Maelyn Jarmon winning The Voice before it aired on the West Coast. She even apologized shortly after it.

But if you didn’t already watch the premiere from Chrissy’s tweet, it’s not too late! Bring The Funny starts tonight at 10/9c on NBC. It will continue to air Wednesdays at 10/9c. Chrissy Teigen will be joined by Jeff Foxworthy and Kenan Thompson on the judging panel and Amanda Seales will act as host for the series.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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