Chayce Beckham’s Original Song Leaves Everyone in Tears on ‘American Idol’


Chayce Beckham poured his heart and soul into his second performance on American Idol tonight. His original song “Mamma” left everyone in tears including the 24-year-old heartthrob himself.

Chayce Beckham Breaks Down Crying on ‘American Idol’

Chayce has been very open about his past struggles that led up to his American Idol journey. He overcame an alcohol addiction that left him waking up from a terrible car accident. He was charged with a DUI and moved back in with his parents to try and get his life back on track.

“Mamma” describes how even through all of the hard times in his life, Chayce’s mom Windie has been there to pick him back up again. She is one of the main reasons why he decided to try out for American Idol. The heavy machinery operator decided to honor her during his Mother’s Day performance.

After performing the very emotional and mesmerizing song, Chayce’s mom was left in tears. She popped up on a screen to virtually watch his performance, clearly very proud of everything her son has accomplished. Windie’s moment on the screen was a very raw and vulnerable moment. It even made Chayce cry up on stage.

Katy Perry, who became a mother last year was also feeling some type of way by the performance. She insisted that her mom would be voting for Chayce.

“Put that song out now” Lionel Richie advised.

Luke Bryan agreed that Chayce pulled out his original song on the best night. Even Ryan Seacrest was moved by the song. He knows that his mom, Connie Seacrest, is probably at home crying too along with Chayce’s loyal fans.

“Uhh @ChayceBeckham you have got me in my feels with that heartfelt new original song of yours, absolutely took my breath away with that one Chayce. Brotha it was truly a heartfelt, genuine and mesmerizing performance so just congratulations on coming this far too. #AmericanIdol” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Chayce is really pulling on everyone’s heartstrings this season and is never afraid to be vulnerable up on the American Idol stage.



Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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